Striding Towards Simplicity

Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication

Says Leonardo DaVinci.


This is a post about transition…

Choice. A consumer driven concept. Or, is it?

Choice has lead me to creativity, clutter & in-decision. To name a few.

My newest choice is to live a simple life. Getting there has been complicated.

Pairing down & verifying importance of items owned.

Utility counts!

I have moved from being a typical American consumer to a person who will hold out until the right item manifests from thin air. Sometimes that is exactly what happens.

Knowing your needs is very important also.

If you do not know already: I work with others to ignite change in their own lives.

It can be a gruelling process. Or, not. That is up to you!

Call me. Let’s make a change you can count on.

  : ) ( :


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