Strength Building: Intuition

On a January Saturday afternoon, Carlesbad stood in her room, wondering what to do–

Drawing a total blank, she vowed not to waste the day, so she put on her coat and stepped out of the house. Equipped for utility, she brought her keys & wallet only. Off she went! Sauntering through the flamboyantly colorful streets of her predominately Mexican, though undergoing gentrification, Chicago neighborhood.

Her saunter led her to stand at the front door of a new café situated just beneath the L train.

She stood there for a moment, considering if it was her destiny to step inside.

Having no where else to turn in mind, Carlesbad opened the door, stepped up to the counter, smiled at the barista then ordered up a delicious chai.

She made her way to a bar stool by the window, where she took her seat. Sitting quietly, sipping her drink. Gazing out upon the activity, of the colorful city streets.

From a quiet perspective, it is easy to listen, and to pay attention, to the conversations that the rest of the room is engaging in.

She was rather enjoying this meditation–

When Super South Side George rolled in. He was boasting!

About his new bar, that he’d just bought up that morning, up north, in Bucktown. 

The window gazing silent sitter felt the room hush as an audience formed to listen intently to George’s story.

He was already the proud owner of the local pub across the street. Aware of his surroundings, George made it clear, that it was a safe place for single women to come have a solitary seat.

Like a cat, Carlesbad alertly sat, patiently waiting for her moment to pounce.

George paid for his bagel sandwich with cash. Then he stood, silently, waiting  by the register for the rest of his order.

Quick! Make your move before he gets out the door.

Personal approaches are best executed from the front. The other person has a better chance of hearing your voice when meeting face to face. Chasing this man, calling to gain his attention while his back is turned, would be a poor start.

Hi George! May I speak with you a moment?

Stunned, George stated back at her with what appeared to be fear. Reading his inclination to turn & run, Carlesbad again spoke up.

Oh no! She responded to his demeanor. Please, allow me to explain. I am a Firewalking Instructorpointing to her pin.  Glasswalking is also an offering, it’s been on my mind to be in touch with you.

His heart clearly melted and a smile beamed across his face. Oh! Glass, he said in his thick south side of Chicago accent, Ya! We’ve got plenty of that.  Across the street- at my bar, Bottles & Cans. Drop off a container. I’d be happy to help you to collect bottles of glass. 

Nice! How easy was that.

Thank you!! she said. Shaking his hand.

Since then, Carlesbad has made the venture over to her local pub on Sunday afternoons to pick up the weekly collection of empty bottles of booze. Upon arrival, George always rises, hushes the crowd in his midst to a silence before he announces that This gal is a Firewalker, and a Glasswalker and we’re helpin’ her! 

This is what happens when you follow your intuition–

: ) ( : 


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