Smashing Silence

Kate & Carly’s relationship was hot- from the moment they met.

Taking turns pouring water over hot rocks, fanning the steam as it rushed the room, filling their chests– in a sultry sauna.

They grew closer, sitting there, alone together, opening up into a candid conversation about the remnants of rape.

They discussed their hard learned lessons about the meaning of consent. They shared in how physical touch, when performed in such a manner can act as an alarming trigger.        And, of course they discussed at length the particulars of each of their Mothers.

This quickly made bond, moved towards a pact of personal empowerment.

Kate & Carly dedicated themselves to becoming Warriors, through the life affirming, endurance building, spirit re-vitalizing, practice of Forrest Yoga. 

Practicing under the guidance of the gracefully militant,             Master of Edge Play Artistry, Gwen Mihaljevich.

Pulling their shoe strings together they dedicated a semester to the Science of Life, a.k.a. Ayurveda. They got comfy cozy with owning their sexuality through Core Energetics, feeling the breeze along the way, as city cyclists.

Now, these two kung fu ladies are putting together their own spec-tac-ul-ar!         They’ve developed a workshop for feeling into our bodies and, expanding the “reactions” of our nervous systems. Its culmination is a lesson on Paying Attention– with a Glasswalk.

On March 19th at 6pm, you will find them at 937 N. Western.   

This is only the beginning!! 


: ) ( : 


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