Letter from a Friend

Recently, I received some inspired words from a Dear Friend. It’s package was slightly deceiving– what  was inside is all the more intriguing.

Which came across my path at an interesting juncture. Having been at a loss for the words to simply describe mySelf, I have been reaching out to others for help.

This does not particularly apply here… Through out this year, I’ve found mySelf becoming angry at others most often for mirroring the very things that I do too.

Need a Clue? Be Direct.  Solicitations are never welcome. Understandable that it is most difficult to say that which is most meaningful.

Either way– here’s the story:

I thank you for your strength and believe me friend you are strong.

And may I add beautiful beyond what as I feel you currently see yourself. Your beauty is a marvel that rivals the awe one can experience from a vista overlooking the pacific coast during a sunset.

Much like the ocean you can not be kept you can not be manipulated by man (or a man) As you blossom into the woman you become. It is you who shapes the coast line. And the coast  and ocean have always had a back and forth. Your love is timeless.

The depths of what you can feel and realize will always be deeper than the coast can go. But it is where the mountains rise to great heights that meet water in the form of droplets that the land can finally understand the depths the ocean can go.

The coast and ocean have always had a back and forth. It is also there the ocean can realize the heights the land can go as she makes here way collecting herself back to the sea.


Perhaps two weeks ago I needed an ego boost. But not after weathering April’s heavy storms. Never before have I felt more confidence in mySelf as an Individual.

This mornings musings brought me to realize that while it may burn a bit to step into the Light– the pain is no match for all that it entails to live out a lie.

That’s all for now,

: ) ( : 


One thought on “Letter from a Friend

  1. Great read! Thank you for posting. All the synchronicity as of late have been inspiring and exhilarating. I always find I there is much I Can keep learning about mindful Communication.

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