Returning to Center


I used to live a double life. Which really isn’t as exciting as it sounds. More stressful really.

What was happening in actuality was that I was unhappy with the choices I had made. So, in order to express my pain clearly I made the executive decision to create a pen named space where I was able to write freely without having to worry about anyone who knew me reading.

Until the fateful day when the one person I had hoped to hide from found my writings and read them all. Betrayal isn’t even a word to be applied here. Because I was the one all along not living in Truth.

My hope is that these days are behind me now. That it is no longer necessary for me to hide my Self from all of you.

It was only ever my own mind that convinced me to.

Right now, I work primarily as a model. A muse really for artists in need of inspiration. Sometimes this requires me to be nude. While posing portrait the other day I decided that it was time to solidify. Be me. Just me. And, to make no apology.

I feel that there have been many teaser introductions in recent past of things to come. Finally, now I have reached a healthy level of Self Acceptance to do my work without worry.

So, get ready. Because now I am officially ready to share myself with you!!

: ) ( :


2 thoughts on “Returning to Center

  1. Yay. As someone who is also bringing many aspects of my life to the center and becoming free enough to just be me. I was so grateful and happy for you. You truly are a muse in every wonderful way one can be. Thank you!

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