When Fire Meets Fire: CARLY Recites Poetry on camera…

Okay, so I definitely look like a chipmunk.

And, I pray to God that the camera really does add 10 lbs…

So, inspired after the first time that I walked across fire, that I stepped even further into the coals by stepping into the center ring to recite a poem about it. Another first. And, I had been anxiously awaiting the day when I would work up the courage to speak in front of a crowd comprised of my dearest friends. 

This is what has been discovered upon Googling my own name…

#Vulnerability Practice

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Science Fiction: Introduction

My name is Metraiya.
I am a Warrior Princess.    A Catalyst. Conductor.                                                                                           And, a Chameleon.

Come with me to learn how to dance in the darkness.

Taken from Rebelle Society
Taken from Rebelle Society

My home is the Light House.  Let us see where the Light shines brightly and where it creates a gradient of colors as it meets the Night.

This, is my story.

Remember, my Friend:

The Stars are ours as we too are one of them.


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