Chicago Hot Spot Heat Map for Figment Fest


Recently, I was awarded $100 for the production & execution of my latest brain child: The Chicago Hot Spot Heat Map to be on display at Figment Fest in Jefferson Park August 16-17, 2014.

Rough Sketch
Rough Sketch

Chicago Hot Spot Heat Map is designed to shine a spotlight on wholesome, inspiring, innovative & accessible outlets in Chicago which further advance our paradigm.

Dedicated to answering questions like: Where do I go to have a legit good time? Or,to get good for my body food on an affordable dime?

It’s I AM A SUPER HERO American quilt back side is a set for folks to take their own picture.

We're all stars now!
We’re all stars now!

Motivated by the intention of recognizing the personal powers & supportive environment which already exist within and around us.

Data collected will be posted to
: ) ( :

4 Comments Add yours

  1. salynx says:


  2. Sophie/Diane says:

    How awesome! For the next few weeks can we call it the “cool spot”? lol Yeah! Sophie/Diane

    1. Hi Sophie,

      The “Cool Spot” is superb!! Thanks for bringing it. : )

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