Chicago Closet Organization


Carly here, back with some more exciting news.

Closet Counciltations are officially OPEN for business!

What is a closet counciltation?
It is a process:
We begin by discussing You! Who you are, how you feel, where you are going, etc…

Then, we evaluate your wardrobe. As is. We play dress up. We establish needs. We talk through the process. Every step of the way. Organization flourishes. Maybe we go shopping.

And, nothing is taken away until at least my second visit.

This service is great for everybody!
Men are my preferred clientelle.
Movers really appreciate my help: downsizing.
And, at the end of the day each person I work with comes out feeling better about their own individual identity.

At Carly’s Closet Counciltations our motto is Confidence equals Comfortability.
You have to feel comfortable. In your own skin. I’m the clothing you wear. In order to exude confidence. And, the world deserves the presents of your presence!!

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