The Morning After

Off in the distance, two women with exceptional hats, danced along with the waves as they rushed, onto the shore.

That it was winter, seemed to be no matter.

Max, watched them and imagined, about the time that they were having. This she did, as she walked along with and a tall, well-mannered man, through the park.

He had come to visit her the night before.

Much of their time together was spent in the dark.

Now just after dawn, it was time for this man to depart.

Silence joined them in their walk.

Like a snake, he slithered in between them, and even managed to wrap itself tightly around each of their throats. Here, it made itself at home.

The constriction strangled Max.

Is this, perhaps your typical “morning after?” She wondered. Even so, this lack of conversation is rather awkward!

Silence spoke up and pointed out the perils that lay before them.

It was no use. She’d rather look at her shoes.

Her heart did jumping jacks. Her mind ran wild with potential. Now that she’d gone this far, there was no turning back.

Try as she might, her words drew only blanks.

How she wished to feel as light & airy as those women in loud, obnoxious hats. She did her best to concentrate on their dance.

Then, as the winds picked, Solace, swept through with a vision.

From the depths of her being, she felt inner strength. Inside her own mind, she heard her own words ring out. She heard her Truth spoken clearly, with courage.

This helped her heart to settle again and, happily it sank back into its rightful place.

This inner knowing stretched a smile across her face. Then again the wind returned, and blew it all away.

What called to her now, were those women.

Quite actually, they called her by name! Happy to greet her and this tall handsome stranger, with gleeful waves they called them both to come over.

The cold air was no match for the heater that Max felt herself enter. Max prayed for the women to not notice that which lay upon her companions left handed finger.

They all exchanged pleasantries and polite introductions.

For the first time all morning, Max felt at ease. Comforted so much that she was even compelled to continue on in conversation.

Though her companion was quick to remind her, that there was no reason to stay here.

He’s right. She thought.

It’s time to move on.

: ) ( : 


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