Accepting Avoidance

Bear in mind we’re doing “throw back posts” right now. This one originated in February 2013.WOW! Since then I am able to work in un-kept surroundings in order to reach my goals. I also have more elaborate thoughts on why we avoid getting to our most toughest tasks. But for now. Read this & we will re visit the matter sooner rather than later. : )

Sitting Pretty for Young Ladies

Working with kids is really the best way to go. This group of young ladies is by far one of my favorites to return to. Currently, you can find up-dated posts of my Model portfolio at:

7 Steps to Success

Seven steps to success. Not sure who defined these first. But hey! They’re here now. : )

Yelp Me

Life Lessons, pretty pictures & Yelp reviews.

Whattya gonna do about the pain?

Why am I posting a picture of my boobs? Please, take a closer look. Notice the scar that sits between them. I used to joke that it was from a breast reduction. Haha!! I have super tiny tits. Funnier than that is when people believe me. As a Figure Model, I find it intriguing how…

Work Space

Rants on the Chicago Public Library hours of operation. Living in Rogers Park, I know now to cruise into Evanston for am hours.

Areas of expertise:

My “Areas of Expertise” was taken down as a page on this here blog. This info does a good job of describing me. Keeping it as a post helps me to have it for future reference. : ) ( :

Kitty Cat at the Folk’s

Home for the holiday’s. An early celebration. This weekend’s trip started off with some room re-decoration.