Content for Canvas Chicago

Canvas Chicago takes one step closer to success by adding Carly to its team of Content Writers. : ) ( :

Got F.I.T.

A sure footed mer-goat goes out to learn what it means to have a sense of true security. She learns that stable footing is not defined by that which sits beneath her feet.

Dream at Breathe

Shamanic Dream Workshop at Breathe Festival hosted by yours truly! : )

Narrative Medicine

Narrative Medicine uses story telling to heal. This Thor traveled to the Berkshire Mountains to workshop her wounds in story-telling fashion. This post is a practice in third person story telling.

Operation Open Heart

The heart speaks loudly to those who know to listen. An event that points directly to my Life’s Mission. : ) ( :

A word, on Self Acceptance

Sunday inspirations to get you ready for hitting the streets with the rest of them peeps. Remember, Be You!!
: ) ( :

Party Parade

Carly is turning 30 & for her Golden Birthday the party is kicking off the celebration Parade Style. Everyone with Spirit is Welcome! : ) ( :

Therapeutic Environments with Alt Architecture & Research Associates LLC

Carly goes to work constructing press kits for therapeutic environments at Alt Architecture and Research Associates, LLC. Submerging herself into the trauma’s and moral injury experienced by those who have been to war. A process that deepens her own healing journey. : ) ( :

On A Mission

House Cleaning continues– this was a potential “About” page : ) ( :