My life, is vibrant with a buoyant richness– made possible only by adhering to the laws of magic. 

Simple subtleties speak to me, all throughout the day.

Sign posts, are found, strategically placed along the way. Put in my path to inform my actions before they are taken.

Whether or not I choose to listen, they have remained, steadfast. 

Though these ever present clues are plain to see, their encryptions can be broken, only by those who have been trained to see. 

This Secret Language, is succinct. It has been calibrated and decoded, and made aware to me by the Silent Watchers who stand amongst us.

You too, can have this.

It is simple, though it is not easy. 

My name is Carly, and I am a Spiritual Scout Master. 

Here to guide those brave and willing voyagers as they step through the darkness, and into the land of Great Mystery. Where the rivers run with deep with abundance, matched only by a greater satiety. 

Please, be in touch! 

& May the Force be with you,

: ) ( :