Carly is an Astrologer, a Model, an Ordained Minister, and a Certified Firewalking Instructor.

She, Her, They, Them, Their lovingly refers to HERself as an Exploratory Reporter, of the Universe.

This High-Level Female, has proven their ability to jog-walk in high-heels.



As a country lovin’, God fearin’ Lone Rider, this Little Lady gallops like a dark horse through the night.

Her hooves are heard as they hit the ground.

Though she prances free

just out of sight…


Well-versed in the laws and language of the Universe Carly, possesses the power, to light the way for others.

Through the darkness–

One must be quiet enough to listen.

And wise enough to know, that to actually listen; means that one must take action– on the messages, which are being given.


Carly began her course of study in Astrology, just as she graduated university, with her B.F.A. in 2008.

Her diploma is in Public Relations.

Her minor, is in Advertising.

And she considers herself a frontrunner, in the fine art of Branding.


Though, much of her time on-campus, was spent  independently entrenched, in the the deep dark world of Rhetoric.

Which is where she laid the foundation for her now well developed understanding that words are spelled. 


Continuously, ahead of the curve–

Carly is here, to set the new standard.

Dedicated to being of service to others.

Her job, is to create and hold the container.


As a go-to confidant, she is there, with an incredible sense of humor. And, when it is time to whittle through a crisis, she is particularly savvy to have on hand with her infectiously calm demeanor.

Call on her.


May the Force be with you, 

: ) ( :