Carly is a STRUCTURE CONSTRUCTOR, who takes sure-footed steps toward success.

She walked the plank, as a 2008 B.F.A., just as Pluto, moved into her Sun Sign of Capricorn. As a result, she decided to continue her studies, this time in the School of Astrology.

From there, doors to the Imagination, began to open.

Carly has Guides– Isabelle, Edna & Esther, each have their own highly sophisticated ways of speaking with her.

Her university qualifications– Rhetoric & Public Relations are employed towards Power Resource Management, of the highest degree.

Carly is a Spiritual Scout Master, here, to light up the Heart Fire. She has an incredible sense of humor, a deep well of understanding, and an infectiously calm demeanor

She has been a Practicing Astrologer since 2017.

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